W/E 7th April 2019 – Match Reports

Two of our three senior teams played their last games of the season while our first team played their penultimate game.

First up our 2nd team who took on Highbury 4. We had a number of issues to deal with to get a team out including a late call up for one of our 13 year olds playing his first senior game. It was a game of two sections, one cohesive and the other that struggled due to playing together for the first time. Great result for our debutant who scored an amazing 4 goals, well done Isaac. Points to Highbury today. Nearly the entire 2nd team will be off to university in September and we wish you all well and thank you wholeheartedly for your hard work over the last few years.

Next up our 1st team who were taking on 2nd from top Highbury 1. Again some changes to be made, three U15s help make up this team. Highbury 1 had only last to three London teams this season and are hoping to be playing national league next year. We got off to a flying start and scored some great goals and looked the better team. we went in at half time one goal up but knew we were in for a tough 30 minutes and Highbury obliged. It was our toughest game this season and we battled to stay with them but a period in the second half saw them pull ahead by one, we pulled it back but again they pushed hard and got three ahead and we ran of time final score Bromley 1 21 Highbury 1 24. Few teams will have pushed them this hard and we are very proud of the teams effort. Bring on Croydon on Sunday.

Last up our 3rd team taking on Highbury 5. Again many favours called in to get this game played. we had a mother/son combo going on with Natalie and Josh playing together. We knew before the game the points were ours as Highbury declared their team was illegal we didn’t tell the team though. Great goals from Josh and Colin’s first goal of the season saw out the season. Thanks to all who contributed throughout the season we love you all.