W/E 21st October 2018 – Match Reports

So no junior games to report on this week but some of our “senior” players almost fall into that category…

Our first team kicked things off with an early start against Bec 2 who last season did double over us and were one of the favourites to take the title. We had Becky playing her second ever game of korfball and three 14 year olds. We saw this as an opportunity give players some valuable experience. We went into game with no pressure. To be honest the first 15 minutes of the first half were great to watch with the game very tight and chances created but again not taken by Bromley. With 5 minutes to half time we were 2 down but honsetly could have been 5 up but in five minutes we were 4 down. The second half was tougher as we pushed hard to get those goals back. It finished 19-8 but that didn’t really reflect how well we played. Great performance guys we need to work on taking chances, with the exception of Katie who slotted in some nice goals.

Next up our 3rd team taking on Bec 4. Our 3rd team is a very young squad with 2 players playing their first ever senior games and one playing her second. We were bolstered by having 2 guest players and coach Butters having a run out.

We hit the ground running and Josh scored his first ever senior goal with his first shot and we never looked back. We created many scoring opportunities and took most and limited Bec accordingly. Colin and Josh had great first games and Josh scored a fine penalty as well. Tilly again showed what a fine player she is and what a great player she can become. Worryingly our two guest players picked up injuries and needed to be subbed off. Hope you guys are ok.

Very well done guys.