School teams at the Copper Box

What an amazing day for two of our link schools who played in the amazing Copper Box.

Children from Hayes and Balgowan primary schools took their place at the national school championships. They qualified as the winners of the Bromley and Kent school competition last year. So both schools took their place as one of the top eight schools in the country.

So Balgowan took on Moorside from Lancaster and hit the ground running. The kids looked great and won. A great start! Hayes took on St Matthews and again did extremely well winning their first game. So both safely into next round. Second round was a bit tougher and both schools lost, Balgowan after a penalty shootout. This set up a third game between both schools for 3rd and 4th place which Balgowan narrowly won so they finished 3rd and 4th which is absolutely fantastic, top 4 schools in the country.

This was an amazing opportunity for these Bromley kids and they were a credit to their parents, schools and our club school link programme.

We would like to thank Natalie, Millie and Lauren who have been running our school clubs this year you did us and the kids proud.

Lots of korfing still to do this year with the Kent school competition in June.