Schools Competition

Wow what a day, 100 kids, 3 hours and 48 games in Bromley Borough Primary School korfball competition. Twelve teams from Unicorn, Balgowan, Hayes, Hawes Down and Highfield competed in the U11 Y5/6 section for a place at the national school championship at the Copper Box Olympic Arena. Two schools took part for the first time and did really well and enjoyed the adventure. The last game of the day saw Highfield and Hayes play to see would be crowned local champions. Hayes won the competition by 1 goal, though as they had already qualified by winning last year’s Kent school competition the Copper Box place was secured by Highfield. Simultaneously the Y3/4 U9 competition had four teams taking part and Hayes won that as well.

This was an amazing day for Bromley Korfball Club demonstrating how good korfball is as a sport. Boys and girls competing together as equals is the spirit of Korfball and such a positive message for our time.

Thanks for the schools and teachers who keep supporting Bromley korfballs school link programme, the parents who were great, the volunteers who make all of this possible and of course the kids who keep coming back, showing korfball is a great sport.