W/E 3rd November 2019 – London Junior Tournament

This weekend our Juniors made the short journey to Trinity to take part in the London junior competition. There was an amazing three cheers for Frank Sieber following some amazing words from Anna Jeanes.

Bromley and its feeder school Hayes made up the lions share of teams. Our U9s kicked things off and were outstanding with some great team play they first and second:

1st..Bromley Black
2nd..Bromley Orange
3rd..Hayes White
4th..Hayes Blue.

Thanks Natalie, parents and team managers

Next up our u11s who I had the privilege of seeing. What an experience, every team including Hayes were amazing and I don’t use that term loosely.

The greatest compliment was when Kathryn Brookes and Hannah Goodridge spoke to our winning team. They told us they couldn’t believe how good our team was and coming from these two this is the highest praise and thank you guys your words will inspire these kids.

Final results for u11s…

1st.. Bromley Orange ( winning on overall goal difference)
2nd..Bromley White
(Won all games like Bromley Orange)
3rd..Hayes Blue
4th..Bromley Red
5th..Hayes white
6th…Bromley Black

Last up our u13s who again were outstanding winning two and looking two. But great performances by all. Well done Jacob for stepping up from u11s and being top scorer.

Let me thank Trojans for hosting a great competition. Also thanks Natalie for your hard work getting so many players out and thanks team managers and parents for your help.

Bromley Korfball is growing and going from strength to strength and the future is very bright indeed.